Koopmanskloof became Fairtrade  certified in 2007, using it as a vehicle to improve the lives of our community. Our holistic approach is based on three pillars which are monitored by annual audits by Fairtrade - namely social, economic and environmental development.

● Social development
Koopmanskloof has a creche and aftercare facility for our children.

The early childhood development centre provides an advantage to our children to  give them a head start and prepare them for the mainstream school. 

We believe in a balanced approach and thus provide a nutritional meal, a
structured early childhood curriculum, a safe place where a child can still be a

The children, aged from baby to pre-school age, come from five of our farms:
Koopmanskloof, De Waalshof, Alpha, Marbon and Hou den Mondr. The farm
managers make sure that all the children are collected at home and taken to the  crèche for the day. 

Aftercare facility:
We realize that we live on a community with brokenness and special challenges.  We want to make a difference by working together with our community and other role players and use whatever talents to help and restore lives.
We have a dedicated medical officer in partnership with the Department of
Health, that not only look after the needs of the workers and children but also
offers home base care to our elders .At the aftercare facility, we provide support  for our school kids, helping them with homework after a nutritional cooked meal.
We know that by a positively touching the life of our children will have a ripple
effect can be created that can extent to a wider community. We are comfortable  with not having all the answers and solutions but to work with what we have and what we stand for. And we know we prepare them to make positive decisions which will have a direct impact on their future. Here they will have a sense of belonging and feel loved. They will have the opportunity to be educationally stimulated through literacy and numeracy programs.  

Recreational Activities:
Koopmanskloof Football club forms part of the greater Stellenbosch Local
Football Association. Koopmanskloof provide transport to the venues.

We have formal music training for our children, provided by Manuel Jardine Arts  Foundation. The Music instruments they receive training in: Soprano and Alto recorders, bass guitar, keyboard and drums. Currently we have 25 musicians in the making. We try to showcase our children on a regular basis by concerts, DVD Recordings and opportunities to play for foreign visitors. 

● Economic Development

We support black economic development through assisting a 100% black owned  farm with advice and infrastructure. 

In 2012 workers have elected to make use of their Fairtrade premiums which
enabled them to join a provident fund.

● Environmental Development

Koopmanskloof has dedicated 98 hectares of land for conservation and
manages it in partnership with Cape Nature.

Koopmanskloof is committed to recycling. We have an recycle programme in
partnership with Waste plan which provide us with containers and removal
services. We are in the process of developing a job creation plan. We are
planning a sorting system which will lead to job creation and income for the

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