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FairTrade Pebbles Project
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About us
We strive to add value to the lives of our people and the environment in the same measure that value is added to the quality of our products. read more »
About Our Region
"Koopman" is the Dutch word for Trader and "Kloof" is a Ravine, thus the direct translation is "Trader's Ravine". History has it that at the time of the arrival of the first European Settlers at the Cape of Good Hope, many of the indigenous communities were unfriendly toward the Settlers. The Koopmanskloof community however were described as fair and friendly traders. read more »
About Our Vineyards
A simple definition of terroir is "all of the factors in the vineyard that influence the unique character and flavor of the fruit". These factors include trellising techniques, irrigation practices, temperature, soil type (in particular its fertility and water holding capabilities), aspect to the sun and slope, and yearly rainfall amounts read more »
Our Social Responsibility Initiatives
To prove our commitment to our people, our clients and the environment, we hold membership or accreditation with a number of industry regulators. read more »
Koopmanskloof Accolades read more »
Koopmanskloof Creche
Koopmanskloof Crèche was founded 14 years ago by Mrs. Tersia Fourie. The crèche was opened to accommodate and educate our farm workers' children while they are at work during the day. read more »
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