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BEE winery profiled on SABC
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Rydal Jeftha, CEO of Koopmanskloof was interviewed for SABC's Morning Live show while attending the New York Fancy Food Show from 28 to 30 June 2009.

Rydal provided feedback on the show and the impact of the current economic climate on the sales of Koopmanskloof wines. Also, he discussed Koopmanskloof's recent successes in the US market.

Koopmanskloof exhibited in the Fancy Food show part of the dti's South African Pavilion which included approximately ten South African specialty food companies.

Koopmanskloof Wingerde was established in 2004 when the farmer Stewie Smit empowered his workers. They now own their own farm Vredehoek 100% as well as 26% share in the operational company Koomanskloof Wingerde. A new CEO was appointed who now oversee the total operation. In December 2007 Koopmanskloof got Fairtrade accreditation making it the largest and most diverse Fairtrade Wine producer in the renowned Stellenbosch wine region of South Africa. Since then interest in the wines escalated which hold great potential for the company.

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